The Department of Neuropsychiatry at Indo American Hospital offers outpatient clinics, inpatient admissions and consultation services for inpatients admitted to the hospital.

The department undertakes assessments of patients with psychiatric symptoms in the context of neurological disorders (e.g. Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease and Epilepsy. Neurologically confirmed functional neurological symptoms and psychiatric symptoms where an organic cause is suspected are also assessed here.

After a thorough analysis our Neuro Psychiatry specialists offer outpatient treatment wherever appropriate and this may include cognitive behaviour therapy or drug therapy. A multidisciplinary inpatient rehabilitation programme is available in more complex cases.

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  • Diagnosis & Treatment

  • Case History

  • Specialist assessment and treatment for neuro developmental disorders eg: Autism
  • Specialist treatment for Addiction - Alcohol, Cannabis, other illicit drugs, smoking, gambling etc.
  • Specialist assessment and treatment for neuro degenerative disorders Eg: Dementia
  • General psychiatry services for depressive illness, anxiety, Psychosis etc.
  • Psychotherapy and counseling services for behavioural disorders in young people and for marital/ relationship problems
  • Specialist intervention for bereavement and post traumatic stress disorders
  • Motivational interviewing and counseling for addictive behaviours
  • Specialist in patient detoxification packages for alcohol and drug dependent patients


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