A supreme blend of American technologies with the Indian tradition of selfless service!

Indo American Hospital, IAH is one of the leading hospitals in Kerala specialised in Neurosurgery and Neurology. Incepted in 1996 under the aegis of the Bahuleyan Charitable Foundation, the Indo-American Hospital, Brain and Spine Centre is a supreme blend of American Technologies coupled with Indian tradition of selfless service to humanity. Born out of the vision of Dr. Kumar Bahuleyan, an eminent Neuro Surgeon & Philanthropist, this Super Specialty Hospital has been providing all facilities as available in any of the finest hospitals in Europe or USA for highly specialized treatments of Brain and Spine over 27 years of existence.

Indo American Hospital has emerged as a center of medical excellence with medical specialties like Neurology, Neuro & Spine surgery, Endo Vascular Surgery, Neuro Radiology, Neuro rehabilitation and Physiotherapy. At IAH, a multi-disciplinary team of talented medical professionals work round the clock to ensure complete, compassionate care of patients.

The hospital incorporates innovative technologies & latest equipment in the areas of surgery and treatment as practiced in the US and seeks to set benchmarks and showcase American ideas and medical practices in India.

Get Better, Sooner.

Indo American Hospital (IAH) – Leaders in Neurosurgery and Neurology in Kerala
Indo American Hospital (IAH) specializes in Neurosurgery and Neurology. Our concept since inception in 1996 is to deliver a blend of advanced American medical technological standards with an Indian ethos of selfless service. We aim to be the best Neurosurgery and Neurology hospital in Kerala today.

Indo American Hospital is one of India’s leading hospitals offering medical care in specialties like Neurology, Neuro and spine surgery, Endo Vascular Surgery, Neuro Radiology, Neuro rehabilitation and Physiotherapy.

Best Neurosurgery and Neurology Hospital facility
Indo American Hospital is led by the visionary Dr.Kumar Bahuleyan - an eminent neurosurgeonand Philanthropist. The Super Specialty Hospital has incorporated facilities matching some of the finest hospitals in Europe or the USA, especially for highly specialized treatments of the Brain and Spine. The hospital has been providing excellent services for over 27 years.

Preferred Hospital in Kerala with Advanced Facilities in Neurosurgery
The Indo American Hospital incorporates innovative technologies and the latest equipment in the areas of surgery and treatment as practiced in Europe and the USA. The hospital seeks advanced medical developments in America including cutting-edge technologies, advanced clinical methods and developed protocols to improve the outcomes. This has made Indo American Hospital one of the most preferred hospitals for advanced facilities in the area of Neurosurgery in Kerala today.

Regain Good Health, With Expert Care.
At Indo American Hospital we take you on a path of recovery with our specialized Neurosurgery and Neurology treatments. We have created an environment of support, rest and healing in a comfortable, stress-free setting. The facilities enlisted below will give you more information on each of our services and make you familiar with the hospital.

The best hospital for Neurosurgery and Neurology cares for you.
So that you can easily visit us and become familiar with the services we offer and access them with the least enquiry. We believe in the value of each individual and hence our focus is centered around the patient and our values are thoroughly patient-first. From the vision and dream of our founder to totally revolutionizing Neurosurgery and Neurology treatments in Kerala, we have come a long way. 

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I was born with nothing. I was an untouchable. The people of this village brought me up. The State gave me education. I have now earned so much in life and I am giving it back to the people, all that I have earned in my life.
Every one who come to this hospital should get the best treatment available anywhere in the world and, no one should be denied treatment here because he does not have the money to pay.

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