Indo American Hospital is one of the Best Hospital for neurology in India equipped with state of the art facilities for treatment in the field of Neurology. Our department of Neurology is committed in unifying exceptional medical expertise, technology and innovation to offer best treatments.

We are dedicated in providing treatment for people with various Neurological disorders.

Our exceptional team of Neurologists is staffed by a leading panel of Neurologists, doctors and nursing staff who offer perfect diagnosis utilizing the most advanced Neuroimaging techniques and diagnostic tools.

Neurologists of Indo American Hospital are always ready to handle all types of acute Neurological emergencies. Like acute Stroke management by dedicated acute Stroke team. We have a dedicated Neuro-stroke ICU, ready to handle acute Neurological emergencies. We have a well-equipped and maintained Neurophysiology lab with well-qualified and competent Neuro-technologists.

Dr. K Parameswaran


Chief of Neurology & Senior Consultant Neurologist

Dr. Kurian Thomas


Senior Consultant Neurologist




This rapidly developing subspecialty is available at IAH, and has rendered possible the treatment of vascular malformations as Aneurysms with a degree of precision security and success rate that was previously unthinkable. The following procedures are available at IAH done under the supervision of highly qualified and experienced Endovascular Neuro Radiologists who are specially trained in this speciality.

Diagnostic Cerebral / Spinal Angiogram (DSA)

Endovascular treatment of Aneurysms using minimally invasive technique of accessing the Aneurysm from within the bloodstream, specifically during angiography with a high success rate.

Other Cerebral, Head & Neck Vascular malformations:

Other vascular and related diseases are treated endovascularly. Certain facial Lymphangiomas and Hemangiomas are treated by direct puncturing and injecting Sclerosant agents under flouroscopic guidance, hence avoiding major surgeries.

Cerebral Palsy

Cerebral Palsy (CP) is caused by birth disorders that affect the central nervous system during brain development. Less than 1% of children are born with this type of injury.

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Paediatric Migraine

Migraine in children disrupts their lives and school performance. It´s a complicated neurological disease, with head pain and other symptoms, like nausea, vomiting, dizziness, sensitivity to touch, sound, light, and odours.

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Paediatric Epilepsy

Epilepsy is a chronic neurological condition causing recurrent seizures. It can negatively affect children can impair a child ´s ability to memorize learning materials as well as cause them to miss school.

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Neuro Cases

We present cases they we have found to be challenging and we feel would be of interest to others. Check out these cases where Indo American doctors have made a major change in our patients’ lives alleviating their suffering & pain

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