Neuroanaesthesia is a critical part of any Neurosurgical procedure. At IAH we focus on patients undergoing Brain or Spinal Cord Surgery and provide patients a stress free surgical experience ensuring their safety at all times. The type of Anesthesia being used depends mainly on the type of surgery being performed. Neuro-anesthetic management can have a major effect on the brain and spinal cord through the control of blood flow to the Brain and vital organs, blood pressure and energy consumption of these organs.

At Indo American Hospital, Neuroanesthesiologists and Neurology faculty work closely with the Neurosurgeons to deliver state-of-the-art perioperative and neuro-critical care to ensure that our patients have the best outcomes. Anaesthesia is provided in the neurosurgical operating rooms and in the Neuro-interventional Radiology suites by experts in this area. Patients in all areas are under advanced neuro-monitoring using sophisticated state of the art monitoring techniques and equipments. This helps the Neurosurgeons and Neuroanaesthesiologists provide a very high level of care and ensures patient safety and recovery to the fullest degree possible. The Neuroanesthesiology department provides Anesthesia in the operating rooms, Neuroradiology and in the MRI and CT suites.

Neuro-anaesthesia is administered depending on:

  • Brain and spinal cord physiology or function including blood flow dynamics and metabolism
  • Changes of brain and spinal cord functions due to disease
  • Intracranial pressure and cerebral edema
  • Type of surgery being performed
  • Type of monitoring of brain and spine functions required for the surgery like awake surgeries for certain tumours and epilepsy surgeries, electrophysiological monitors used during surgery, etc.
  • The general condition of the patient and other comorbid diseases

At IAH we ensure that each and every patient gets the best care and support available in any developed country in the world. We are committed in ensuring patient safety and comfort at all times during the patients most stressful periods before, during and after surgery.


Dr. Jaser Mohammed Iqbal


Managing Director, Consultant Anesthetist

Dr. Marcose Winston


Consultant Anaesthesiologist

This rapidly developing subspecialty is available at IAH, and has rendered possible the treatment of vascular malformations as Aneurysms with a degree of precision security and success rate that was previously unthinkable. The following procedures are available at IAH done under the supervision of highly qualified and experienced Endovascular Neuro Radiologists who are specially trained in this speciality.

Diagnostic Cerebral / Spinal Angiogram (DSA)

Endovascular treatment of Aneurysms using minimally invasive technique of accessing the Aneurysm from within the bloodstream, specifically during angiography with a high success rate.

Other Cerebral, Head & Neck Vascular malformations:

Other vascular and related diseases are treated endovascularly. Certain facial Lymphangiomas and Hemangiomas are treated by direct puncturing and injecting Sclerosant agents under flouroscopic guidance, hence avoiding major surgeries.

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