The primary objective of the foundation was to provide Neurosurgical treatment with standards comparable to anywhere in the world. This is being achieved by recruiting highly-skilled and experienced staff especially we have best neurosurgeon in India and bringing the best tools and the specialized knowledge base built up through years of experience. Neurosurgery Department was started in 1996 with best neurosugeon in India and all the facilities that are essential for modern Neurosurgery. The Department was one of the first in Kerala in the private sector to have Neurosurgical operating microscope and CUSA imported from the United States. The combination of ethical and not for profit work, latest equipment constant encouragement to achieve the best results attracted many highly skilled and qualified Neurosurgeons in India who are trained in some of the best institutes in India and abroad.  The quality of care, the postoperative outcome and the lower overall cost compared to corporate hospital continue to attract patients here for their treatment. More than 9000 major Neurosurgical procedures have been done at IAH with results comparable or better than any other center in the world.

Most commonly performed Brain surgeries are for Brain tumours, clipping of Cerebral Aneurysms, excision of AVMs, congenital conditions of the Brain and for traumatic Brain injury and intracranial Hematomas. Amongst the spine surgeries, Cervical and lumbar disc surgeries, degenerative spine surgeries, surgeries for spinal tumours, spinal injuries and fractures and minimally invasive spine surgeries are the most commonly performed ones.

Dr. Kumar Bahuleyan


Founder & Prof. Emeritus

Dr. C. Anu Thomas


Director & Senior Consultant Neuro Surgeon

Dr. Sajeev. S. Vadakkedam


Consultant Neuro and Spine Surgeon

Dr. Vasudevan V.


Consultant Neuro Surgeon

Dr. Mohamed Amjad Jamaluddin


Consultant Neuro-interventional Surgeon

This rapidly developing subspecialty is available at IAH, and has rendered possible the treatment of vascular malformations as Aneurysms with a degree of precision security and success rate that was previously unthinkable. The following procedures are available at IAH done under the supervision of highly qualified and experienced Endovascular Neuro Radiologists who are specially trained in this speciality.

Diagnostic Cerebral / Spinal Angiogram (DSA)

Endovascular treatment of Aneurysms using minimally invasive technique of accessing the Aneurysm from within the bloodstream, specifically during angiography with a high success rate.

Other Cerebral, Head & Neck Vascular malformations:

Other vascular and related diseases are treated endovascularly. Certain facial Lymphangiomas and Hemangiomas are treated by direct puncturing and injecting Sclerosant agents under flouroscopic guidance, hence avoiding major surgeries.

Vascular Neurosurgery Cases

Indo American Hospital has an excellent team capable of managing highly complex vascular neurosurgery cases.

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Traumatic cvj Injury Cases

The Indo American Hospital has put together all the relevant information regarding Traumatic Craniovertebral Junction Injuries and has also included our cases, with the aim of emphasizing prompt diagnosis and correct management.

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